Plead before all courts

Legal and forensic Consultancy

One of the most important services we provide to our valued customers and thanks to Allah Almighty we are privileged in the arrival of information and legal advice and valid legitimacy, which holds the satisfaction and trust of our customers and make them visitors to our headquarters continuously.. We offer you a legal advisory service to know all that is in your mind about your legal and legitimate matters. We offer you all legal and forensic consultancy services in various cases to be knowledgeable and knowledgeable and at competitive prices pay high attention to providing legal support It is an important element for the success of project management for individuals and institutional entities, so we are proud to sign a number of consultancy contracts with a number of dignitaries, businessmen, business women, companies and universities to provide legal and forensic advice to help them guard against falling into Disputes and provide them with the strategic safety and legal protection they seek, in addition to the preparation of studies and legal research concerning the needs and requirements of our clients and provide them with a comprehensive vision.


We represent clients in commercial disputes, administrative procedures, claims for compensation, debt, labor and financial disputes for either different arbitral tribunals.
Work efficiently and seriously in resolving commercial and investment disputes in short periods.

Our clients are supported with legal and strategic advice during settlement negotiations.
In cases of inconclusive settlement negotiations, we take all necessary precautions to ensure that positive results are achieved at the end of the proceedings.


The documentation service we provide to our valued customers because of their great importance among the members of the community and their daily-our priority
Working on the comfort of our customers and visitors in finding the legal and legitimate way to understand the community’s work or business.
We carry out the documentation procedures and the requirements of documenting the legal and statutory contracts and disclosures such as the sale of real estate, the division of movable property and agencies, the leasing of real estate and movable property, the contracts of companies and amendments, the decisions of the competent authorities and the actions on trademarks and patents Invention, copyrights, contracts on movable property, confirmation of guarantees and acknowledgement of financial amounts.

Drafting, preparation and audit of contracts

According to our mission and our explicit and clear goal in finding the comforts of our valued customers in their official dealings and relations between them and between them and the legal persons –
We provide the service of contract formulation and agreements professionally – that tangible and important service in the community of transactions between individuals and companies.
The fact that our daily humanitarian relations are based on the exchange of benefits and services, as well as the intersection of interests between individuals and institutions, confirms the imperative of organizing them and their need for those who govern and arrange them, and the experience of our cadres, which has already contributed to the preparation and legislative drafting, we are happy By employing all our expertise and capabilities to serve those interested in the formulation of:
Contracts and agreements that govern the relationships of individuals such as partnership contracts, proof of loans, donations and so on.
Contracts and agreements that govern the relations of the entities, such as partnership contracts, real estate investments, investment portfolios and so on.
Memorandums of understanding and speeches.
Legal materials relating to the internal and regulatory regulations of the establishments.
Work contracts of all kinds in Arabic and English.
We provide contract drafting service for all types of transactions which safeguard your rights in the manner required and prevent, by God’s permission, the occurrence of differences or the right of your statutory and legal rights.

Criminal cases

There is no doubt that the focus of the law is a clear view of the importance of the proper legal role of our clients and the finding of sound legal advice in judicial dealings in such criminal cases.
Our office is distinguished in the field of criminal proceedings by defending the defendants in criminal cases and because the Islamic sharia and the Saudi regime ensured the accused to have access to a lawyer and because since the establishment of the Office has established a fundamental pillar, namely to show the right and uphold his word and our task to show the truth to eliminate through the polarization Competent lawyers have all the elements to succeed in arguing before the courts.

Endowments and Wills

Our community services are the most important and professional in our clients in their community dealings and the simplification and delivery of Waqf and probate information to the fullest-so we do this service…

Our office gives this aspect a large mandate from the provision of lawyers and legal advisors, as the Waqf represents the third sector, which is a form of social responsibility that advances towards the institutional practice, and the need for legitimate and legal studies dealing with waqf conditions starting from The two attitudes of businessmen and educational institutions to the procedures organized so it is urgent to include specialized cadres in this field to assist the positions and the principals of endowments in relation to: instruments, regulations and endowment projects, and provide Waqf models in line with the best contemporary formulas for investment and development of Awqaf.

Plead before all courts

On behalf of our valued clients, we are pleading and defending and representing them in all Sharia courts. Administrative Tribunals Commission for the Settlement of banking disputes Labour bodies Office of the adjudication of commercial Securities Disputes Committee for the Adjudication of securities disputes Committees Tax Zakat Committee for adjudication of Disputes on insurance cases arbitral tribunals and other judicial bodies in the following cases:
1 Business issues
• Corporate issues and disputes over contracts with other companies or disputes arising between partners themselves.
• Commercial paperwork issues (cheque, Bill of exchange, Deed of order).
• Commercial fraud issues.
• Commercial agency issues.
• Issues of interception and defence of trademarks, trade names of enterprises, companies, intellectual property and patents.
▪ customs issues and customs clearance.
• Contracting issues.
• Brokering issues.
2 Banking issues
Our office participates in the agency of its valued clients of individuals, companies and financial institutions (banks, banks) b
Advising on all legislation related to banking and finance.
Pleading and defending before the banking dispute Settlement Committee.
3 Administrative issues:
The Office is engaged in the field of administrative law in providing legal advice and advocacy in administrative cases, which is one of the two sides of the government entity through the following:
Representing clients in litigation related to contracts with government agencies.
To plead compensation claims against government agencies.
4 Legal issues (civil)
We and thank God have proven our competence in this kind of issues as we appeared in front of the role of the judiciary in various grades, which earned us the expertise and skills that brought us to the best excellence services for our clients to be agents for them before all sharia courts on any disputes of the jurisdiction of those courts such as real estate issues And the issues of inheritance and other than the jurisdiction of the Sharia courts.
5 Labor issues
In this section we include lawyers and consultants with expertise and skills that have the distinct expertise to represent our clients before the competent judicial authorities (the primary body for settling labour disputes the Supreme Commission for the settlement of labour disputes) in any disputes that arise between the establishments and their employees.
5 Insurance Issues:
Because the insurance has become covered most of the aspects of our daily life within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether in personal, commercial or other matters, and in the light of the expansion and the number of licenses granted to companies to work in this area, we have considered that it is necessary to work to provide legal services based on specialization to ensure The rights of dealers in these contracts and from those services we provide:
1) Review contracts and insurance policies entered into by commercial companies or by individuals with insurance companies to arrive at a legal and regulatory formula and framework that guarantees the rights of each party.
2) Advising in disputes arising out of the application of insurance contracts in relation to what was contained in these contracts.
3) instituting proceedings and pleading with the competent judicial authorities in the event of a dispute.

Enforcement and collection of judgements

Mainly we do important legal services for our valued customers, which make us to assume the responsibility that we have on our shoulders since the existence of agreement and contract between us and our valued customers, so we provide and execute the judgments and work to collect them.
The Office provides implementation services for all commercial papers (cheque, Bill of exchange, deed of order) as well as the judicial rulings, papers and executive bonds covered by the text of article IX of the system of implementation, all according to a specific mechanism appropriate to each case where it is graded in the collection of amounts awarded or amounts Commercial papers are debts that the third parties have both government agencies, companies, institutions or individuals, and all that is related in terms of the conduct of friendly roads beginning and putting the appropriate ways of rescheduling the payment towards it and then prosecuting the debtors wherever they are or found their property, and finding a means of communication Specail to collect the debts of individuals. Covers the emerging, faltering, and bad debts, the tracking and tracking section of fugitive debtors and the team of visits and field collections supervised by consultants specializing in difficult issues, overcoming difficulties, negotiators, and interlocutors, which reflects on our skill and experience in negotiation and persuasion, and our methods Specialized in communicating beyond the limits of messages and phone calls.

Inheritance issues and division of Estates

Our legal expertise is reflected in the important issues that have been entrusted to us. That is why we are trustworthy because of our experience in dealing with such important issues of society and its members, and the accumulation of our experience has not come from a blank moment, but it is a record of great dealings and clients attest to those legal experiments that have shaped our visions and to provide the work of the law to the fullest
So we offer you our services in analyzing inheritance issues and dividing the estates where
Our office is characterized by the presence of lawyers and legal advisors who have considerable experience in matters of dividing the estate, whether by mutual consent without resorting to the courts and documenting them legally and guarantee the right of every receivable, as well as the judicial experience in the procedures of dividing estates through the competent authorities in terms of arguing and defending and restricting inheritance and providing And so on.

Legal and lawful procedures

The legal procedures and the peaceful legitimacy of the business sector is one of our most important legal services that the vital sector, which is of paramount importance in the trade and investment transactions and which have a forms legal and which individuals and owners of companies seek to be legally and properly in front of the authorities Competent in the state where::
Our business in the corporate and financial markets is based on understanding and covering all the needs of our customers.
Starting from the procedures of establishing the companies and completing the phase of the consensual liquidation and monetization of assets and asset:-
Manage private deals and corporate governance. *
Manage mergers and acquisitions. *
Preparation of non-machine studies. *
Registration of agencies, trademarks and trade names. *
Establishing and protecting patent rights. *
Support and representation services for businessmen and enterprises in the negotiation process and completion of transactions. *
Legal representation in ordinary and extraordinary public associations and the expression of legal opinion as to the procedures required for their convening. *
Providing legal advice to the shareholding companies listed on the Saudi stock exchange. *
In addition to other related services, taking into account the requirements of speed and quality of performance, these services coincide with the modern forms in the faces of domestic and foreign investment witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its economy, which is experiencing a distinct renaissance, which has multiplied the opportunities Investments by businessmen and companies in the bulk of business activities

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