The office undertakes the task of pleading for its clients, whether by filing lawsuits with judicial claims, or representing them in existing cases before courts and judicial committees of all types and degrees, or before the Public Prosecution office. The shortest way to be taken in resolving and handling each case is through a phased study of the case documents and through a team of lawyers specialized in commercial, criminal, administrative and labor cases, so that the team follows up on the case from its inception until the issuance of a final judgment and its implementation. It includes the following stages of work:

View documents and events submitted by the client and request deficiencies.
Examining the case from all legal aspects.
Examining the legal position of the client and expressing an opinion on it so that the client is aware of his legal position on this case.
Drafting the necessary regulations and legal notes and submitting them electronically.
Attending electronic and physical sessions and submitting applications of all kinds.
Follow up the implementation procedures according to the client’s request until the end of the case.
Providing the client periodically with all stages of the case and its developments, and informing him of the regulations and notes submitted to the judicial authority, and obtaining his approval regularly.