Through this service, the office seeks to enable the financially distressed client to benefit from the bankruptcy declaration procedures and to achieve the objectives for which the bankruptcy procedures were legally initiated, including:
a. Enabling a debtor who is bankrupt, insolvent, or who is expected to suffer from financial turmoil, to benefit from bankruptcy procedures, to regulate his financial conditions, to resume his activities, and to contribute to the support and development of the economy.
B. Taking into account the rights of creditors in a fair manner and ensuring fair treatment for them.
c. Maximizing the value of bankruptcy assets, regular selling thereof, and ensuring a fair distribution of proceeds among creditors upon liquidation.
Dr. Reducing the cost and duration of procedures and increasing their effectiveness, especially in rearranging the status of the small debtor or selling bankruptcy assets and distributing them fairly to creditors within a specified period.
e. The administrative liquidation of a debtor whose assets are not expected to result in a proceeds sufficient to meet the expenses of the liquidation procedure or the liquidation of small debtors.
The aim of providing this service is to achieve a summary of the objectives sought by the system in regulating bankruptcy procedures, which are in general the maintenance and protection of the debtor and his money and the protection of his creditors and their money from bankruptcy through seven procedures represented in:
1- Protective settlement 2- Financial reorganization. 3- Liquidation 4- Small Debtors Protective Settlement 5- Small Debtors Financial Reorganization 6- Small Debtors Liquidation 7- Administrative Liquidation.

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